Akbar de Wighar or also known as Bery (born June 20, 1988) is an animation director and entrepreneur. He intruduced several developments in the production of animation and fashion. He is known as one of three co-founder and current CEO of the motion picture production, KARTENZ.



Chika Riznia, Chinese: 知花; Japanese: ちか上昇ニヤ ; (born October 1, 1988) in Jakarta, is an Indonesian fashion designer who has co-created a fashion line called MAJOR REBEL in 2012.


A pleasure for cutting a paper and shaping it into an outfit, bringing 5-year-old girl chosen to be a fashion designer as a way of life in the future, and the girl's name is Chika Riznia. In 2006, when the global financial crisis often referred, the first semester to Chika begin classes at The Jakarta Art Institute, majoring in fashion design.

Now, get closer to be a person who can make a change.

You are the leader for yourself, choose what you will, what you do and be who you are.



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